The VCH Paediatrics course was created by VCH clinical staff to use when instructing teachers during professional development days. The course focuses on fine and gross motor skills for school aged children. My approach when creating this course was to use scenario-based learning experiences to help reinforce the idea of "typical" and "red flag" behaviours - behaviours that when identified, teachers could then use to determine if their students required additional support.

The course features three branching scenario options. They cover a wide range of ages from kindergarden all the way to high school. During the scenario, teachers are given two options - with no clear descriptors except for the illustrations. This was done purposefully. Since there was no penalization for incorrect answers, getting the answer wrong helped inform teachers of the red flag behaviour, whereas getting it right would help them notice the typical behaviours of their students. The goal was that learners would go through these scenarios multiple times, trying to get all of the possible outcomes. Through our analytics, we noticed that many users visited these pages mulitple times, and many learners in feedback sessions told us that they had played through all three scenarios, even the ones that were not relevant to their age group.


Final project image

Parts of this course are still being actively developed. The menu features toys on "string" which the user can pull at. Although small, this interaction helped maintain the child-like theme of the course, and encouraged fun while learning.