Mental Status Exam was an online course created in Articulate Storyline to teach clinical staff about the Mental Status Exam. My goal was to brand the course in a way that had never been done before at VCH, so I came up with the idea to use a car as a symbol of the user's journey througout the course. This module makes use of problem-based learning with case studies for users to analyze and gain meaning from.

The course is broken up into subsections which as displayed as waypoints on the user's journey throughout the course. As they complete each one, it remains highlighted as they move forward.

It was important to me to keeping the course visually consistent, so I styled the quiz questions to look like a road sign, with the answers listed like destinations. By doing this, I was able to keep users engaged and focused on their own personal journey through the course.


The course was very well-received by both the clients and the learners. It has been referenced in many other course developments as an example to follow for interactive and immersive course creation. The learning objectives of the course were measured with the short quiz at the end. The MSE saw extremely high passing rates.